Selsele Ab Hayat Kerman Company is one of the largest producers of polyethylene pipe fittings in the country, a member of the pipe gas production group and affiliated to the Petrochemical Industries Investment Company, which was officially put into operation in June 2003.
This company is ready to produce single-walled polyethylene pipes (water supply, drip irrigation and gas supply) and double-walled (carogit) by using 6 production lines.

The machines of Selsele Ab Hayat Kerman Company, manufactured by Battenfeld, Drossbach factories in Germany, which have intelligent gravimetric system for measuring the unit weight of pipes and ultrasonic systems.

Selsele Ab Hayat Kerman Company is operating and producing annually with a nominal capacity of 21,000 tons of polyethylene pipes and fittings with raw materials PE100, PE80, domestic and foreign with a 5-year warranty from Iran Insurance for water supply, gas supply, sewerage networks and pressurized irrigation. Having a suitable geography of the factory location allows fast and convenient transportation for customers.

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Vision and Mission

  • Selsele Ab Hayat Kerman Company is the largest and highest quality producer of double-walled pipes, by-products and related services internationally.

  • Supply of double-walled consumer pipes required by the public and private sectors, as well as related products and services in order to make a profit and protect the environment.


  • Completion of production and service chains
  • Establish and strengthen two-way communication with customers and suppliers
  • Improving productivity in the field of machinery and human capital
  • Development of integrated information systems
  • Improving the safety level of staff and equipment
  • Reduction of environmental pollutants
  • Timely and stable delivery of products and services

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ISO 18001


ISO 14001


ISO 9001

Standards and tests

Tests performed on quality control of gas-fired polyethylene pipes are divided into three groups: