Application of polyethylene pipe in sewage transfer

The use of polyethylene pipe in wastewater transfer is the collection of surface water or industrial wastewater.

Sewage systems are very important for collecting surface water or industrial wastewater in large industrial complexes because the penetration of fluids deep into the soil can cause an irreparable impact on foundations and underground installations.
Corrosion, rust and soil pollution are the most important reasons for collecting water and industrial wastewater. Polyethylene pipes and polyethylene fittings of Kerman Hayat water series with anti-corrosion properties and resistance to various chemicals are a suitable solution for collecting and transporting wastewater fluids.

Sewage polyethylene pipe

Polyethylene pipes in all models, grades and different types can be used for sewage transfer. Carogit double-walled pipes are specifically designed to deliver design wastewater in a variety of sizes and shapes. Polyethylene single-walled pipe is also suitable for sewage transfer, but it is not cost-effective and has no economic justification for doing so, and should only be used when the sewage is pumped into the pipe by pressure and by means of a pump.
Due to their high mechanical properties, polyethylene sewer pipes have become the first choice of contractors and operators of sewer systems, and have replaced all old pipes.

Sewer corrugated pipe

Carogit pipe of Kerman Hayat water series as a new generation of Carogit double-walled pipes is one of the most suitable and best methods of wastewater transfer. These pipes with a special design in the body and also by placing a strip in the coupler part of these pipes and also the use of unique gaskets have eliminated the problem of two-band and sewer leakage to the environment and in the use of corrugated pipe Sewage of Kerman Life Water Series, this problem will disappear forever.
Sewer corrugated pipe is the same as corrugated pipe, but have the pipes that have been implemented in previous projects been able to prevent leakage and waste of sewage? After a while, after the completion of the project, these pipes became dilapidated from the connection point and there is a sewage leak. , Because it is specifically designed and manufactured for long life and safe transfer of wastewater.